I'm not a robot.

My favorite GoDaddy Products.


Things I do offline.


I love spending time doing research and learning more about developing tech (especially Office 365). 

I also enjoy helping friends and family with their online needs.   

Most of my time away from an electronic devices involves, cooking, practicing jujitsu, competing in IBJJF events, power-lifting, cheering on my teammates, watching the UFC, or going to concerts. 


Frequently asked questions...

How long have you worked at GoDaddy?

About 2 years. Before this, I lived in Iowa, Colorado (2x), California (2x), Florida and Illinois working in various professions but mostly construction and bar management. I've worked for companies of all sizes including a few startups and struggling businesses. Previous to that, I spent most of my time outside of school carrying heavy objects up and down the stairs of my mothers charity offices. 

Do you like it? 

2nd favorite job ever. My first was when I stood on the line in a yeast factory with an air hose dusting off buckets of yeast ...just kidding - I love working here. I get to talk to cool people everyday, get paid well and we have kickass Holiday parties. This year The Chainsmokers performed!

Do you have a direct line?

No but you can email me directly with your phone number if you'd like to reach me. I can't provide technically support via email but I am allowed to make outbound sales calls.

Is that really you lifting those weights? 

Yes  501.5lbs.